Collagen Peptide

Collagen Peptide is a protein composed of over 15 different amino acids which plays a very important role in humans by filling the gaps in and between cells. Our collagen peptide is a digestible protein taken as an oral supplement and can be added to your new collagen drink formulation as the key ingredients to provide the following benefits:

  • Improve skin moisture level
  • Improve elasticity and suppleness of skin
  • Prevents and reduces deep wrinkles
  • Reduces the symptoms of joint pain associated with athletic activities
  • Thicker and stronger hair and nails

Why is our Fish Collagen Peptide Superior?

  1. It is produced by an established and renowned Korean pharmaceutical company, which had passed quality control review by US FDA in 2004 and had received cCMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) validation. It had also obtained the following quality certifications:
    • Jun 2000 ISO 9001 certified by SGS Yarsley ICS
    • Jul 2001 HACCP certified by SGS Yarsley ICS
    • Nov 2001 Certified of suitability certified by EDQM
    • Halal certified
    • Kosher certified
  2. Evaluated as best quality in Japan in terms of light colour and less odour thus it will be more acceptable to the consumer.
  3. Only the best quality fish gelatin produced by fish scales and/or skins is used for production of the collagen peptide.
  4. Neutral taste means you can mix in any hot or cold beverage of your preference.
  5. Absorption is superior due to the low Molecular weight of equal or less than 3000.