Texturizing Agents

Texturizing Agents are one type of food ingredients used to change the texture of food products; these are added to food to modify the overall texture and bring a change in the mouthfeel of the end products. At UniFamm Trading Pte Ltd, we deal with a wide variety of texturizing agents which can be split into 4 main categories.

  1. Emulsifiers
    • Lecithin and lecithin derivatives
  2. Polysaccharide gums
    • Gum arabic
    • Carageenans
    • Xantham gum
    • Modified food starches
  3. pH control agents and acidulants
    • Sodium erythorbate
    • Lactic acid
    • Buffered lactic acid
    • Sodium acetate
    • Phosphates
  4.  Others
    • Textured soy flour
    • Textured soy protein concentrate
    • Functional soy protein concentrate
    • Rusks
    • Transglutaminase

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