Our ingredients.

With our constant attention to perfection, Unifamm Trading sources our ingredients from only top manufacturers.

By enhancing the texture of your product, your customers will experience the exact mouthfeel you want them to. Unifamm Trading offers 4 categories of texturising agents to best accomadate your unique requirements.

  1. Emulsifiers:

    • Lecithin and lecithin derivatives

  2. Polysaccharide gums

    • Gum arabic
    • Carrageenans
    • Xanthan gum
    • Modified food starches

  3. pH control agents and acidulants

    • Sodium erythorbate
    • Lactic acid
    • Buffered lactic acid
    • Sodium acetate
    • Phosphates

  4. Others

    • Textured soy flour
    • Textured soy protein concentrate
    • Functional soy protein concentrate
    • Rusks
    • Transglutaminase

Colouring agents change the colour formulation of your product. Our colouring agents range from “natural” and artificial colours to washes that enhance browning. Our colouring agents include:

  • Caramels
  • Natural colours
  • Nature identical colours
  • Synthetics dyes/ colours (FD & C Dyes)
  • Aluminium lakes of synthetic dyes (FD & C Lakes)
  • Dispersion of aluminium lakes
  • Browning agent for ham and other baked products

Flavourings are regularly used in a wide range of food products. Most flavourings are an imitation of the flavour of a known foodstuff and some flavours are isolated from natural raw ingredients. Here, we deal with a variety of flavouring agents such as:

  • Orange oils
  • Other essential citrus oils
  • Sweet flavours
  • Aspartame intensive sweetener
  • Lactic acid
  • Malt extract
  • Onion powder
  • Savoury and meaty flavours
  • Autolyzed yeast powder
  • Autolyzed yeast extracts
  • Smoke flavours

Processing aids are substances that are approved by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). They are food ingredients used in the production of a variety of foods – meat, poultry, produce, etc., and are not present in any significant amount in the finished product. When present in such insignificant amounts in any finished product, they do not affect appearance or taste and most importantly they have no impact on public health. Some of the processing aids we provide are:

  1. Anti-caking Agents

    • Tricalcium phosphate
    • Sodium aluminosilicate
    • Starch

  2. Clouding Agents

    • Brominated vegetable oils
    • Gum arabic
    • Lecithin

  3. Release Agents

    • Lecithin
    • Starch
    • Waxes (carnauba, beeswax)

Formulation Aids are compounds used to produce a desired physical state or texture in food. We provide the these aids:

  1. Binders

    • Dextrins
    • Gum arabic
    • Phosphates (disodium-, sodium hexameta-, sodiumtripoly-, tetrasodium pyro-)
    • Starches
    • Defatted soy flour
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Fibers
    • Soy proteins

  2. Film-formers

    • Calcium lactate
    • Dextrins
    • Gum arabic
    • Lecithin
    • Maltodextrins
    • Shellac
    • Starches
    • Waxes (carnauba, beeswax)

  3. Sweeteners

    • High intensity & low caloric sweetener
    • Aspartame
    • Polyols

  4. Coating

    • Battermix
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Seasonings

  5. Meat Binders

    • Complete emulsifying and curing compounds for sausages, ham and other meat products

Firming Agents are food ingredients or additives added in order to precipitate residual pectin, thus strengthening the structure of the food and preventing its collapse during processing.

  • Calcium lactate
  • Calcium phosphate
  • Sodium polyphosphate
  • Sodium pyrophosphate

Some of the other miscellaneous food additives or food ingredients which we deal with at Unifamm Trading Pte Ltd include:

  • Collagen sausage casing and collagen films
  • Cellulose casings and fibrous casings
  • Chicken loops, nettings for ham, whole muscles and parts
  • Pattle wax coated or silicon coated papers
  • Deep draw bottom web for vacuum packaging
  • Meat cutting accessories
  • Collegen Peptide

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